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Update digital menu board automatically using excel sheet

Time is running faster than ever and no one has a single moment to spend on unnecessary tasks. Automation of tasks is a way to catch up with the pace of time; and in the case of digital signage industry, automation has long been playing an important role.

When we come to the case of digital menu boards, one of the time-consuming task people faces is about updating the digital menu boards. Restaurants, coffee shops, and beverage outlets often find it difficult to update the dynamically changing product list, price list, hot deals and other things in their digital menu board while keeping the layouts and designs unchanged. If we could have automated this routine tasks, it would have saved a considerable amount of time and effort.

Screendrive present you a simple and highly effective way to update the digital menu automatically using excel spreadsheet data. So that you don't need to redesign the digital menu template each time when you update the data.

In Screendrive, you can implement “automatic updating of the digital menu from spreadsheet data” using either of the following ways.

  • By directly uploading a spreadsheet to screendrive CMS.
  • Using Screendrive Datasync App.

How it works

By directly uploading spreadsheet to screendrive CMS. In this method, you just need to open your Screendrive CMS, on the dashboard, you can see the option to import Excel data sheet. Click the button and import excel file to CMS. Use the file anywhere in your design. So whenever you change the value in this imported Excel sheet, the same will be reflected on your screen also.

Using Screendrive Datasync App.

This is a simpler method, here you don't need to open CMS all the time. Download and install Screendrive Datasync app on your Windows PC. Create an excel file with the same name as of ‘Dataset’ object in CMS dashboard. Fill the sheet with your data, the app will automatically update the values in CMS and your screen.

Benefits of automatic updating digital menu board

Automatic updating of digital menu boards are highly useful for fast food outlets, coffee shops, restaurants, beverage outlets etc. But automatic updating of digital screen data is not only limited to this area but also extends to other domains like KPI displays, information displays in hotels, bus terminals, school/college information boards etc. The main benefits of this automation process are

  • Instant data updating
  • Don't need to redesign the screen template every time
  • More work in less time