Digital menu display auto on off

How to make your digital menu more profitable ?

You might have come across lots of blogs explaining the same topic in different tones and styles. But there is this simple yet highly impactful point that most people miss. No, I am not talking about Digital Menu Engineering or Promotional flyers, or Mouth Watery images to woo customers and increase sales. This blog explains how you can gain maximum profit from your digital display menus by making some simple adjustments to your daily operational schedule.

“Idle Time”- The underrated Villain

A prevalent problem with digital menu boards in restaurants is dealing with the “Idle Time” situation. Idle time is the period when there is no need for the Menu Displays to be Active. It may be at night or morning or noon, depending on the operational time of each eatery. And then there are cases like you may don’t need to display all the screens at all-time. In all these scenarios, the villain is idle time and it may range from 1 hour to 5-6 hours a day

To simply avoid the gruesome task of reconfiguring the entire digital menu system after idle time, many restaurants keep the displays ‘Active’ and ‘On’ the entire day. But what is at stake here??

1. Power consumption

The display menu panels and streaming hardware consume a lot of power. Regardless of the power-saving hardware, running the panels during idle time is still a waste of power. Consider the situation of deactivating your 10 screens for 1 hour, how much you could have saved from that..?

2. Digital Menu Panel and Streaming Hardware life

Another important aspect is the lifetime of hardware. Of course, giving the digital devices a "cool off time" would incredibly improve the lifespan of your hardware for at least 2-3 years.

3. Overall financial savings.

And most importantly, the overall financial gain you get by disabling the screens during off-hours is indeed quite high.

Digital Menu Auto Turn Off Feature

To simplify the Digital Menu Panel Turn Off procedure, Screendrive has got an excellent feature called Remote Turn Off (RTC) mode. The feature allows you to set “screen off” timings from CMS so that the streaming to display panels automatically stops at this time, which in turn sends the screens to sleep mode/power saver mode.

Currently, the feature is available with the Screendrive Digital Signage Android version and soon will be made available for LG Web OS as well. This Digital Menu Auto Turn Off mode effectively tackles the idle time problem in restaurants and helps you to gain maximum from your digital menu installations.

About Screendrive

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