Digital poster in super market

Implementing digital signage posters in supermarket

The customers value their time and that’s why they come to the supermarket to buy things rather than going to old age markets. Supermarkets provide a space where the customers can get multiple categories of products under one rooftop. In order to increase the profit of the supermarkets, it is important to make the customers aware of the products available

Making the customer aware

Supermarkets are not always single floored buildings. They contain different floors with different themes such as food and beverages on the first floor, electronics on the second, etc. Human minds tend to avoid going upstairs if possible, because of the laziness inside. Hence it is important to give information about the products and offers of the top floor at the bottom floor. The traditional way of putting posters takes an immense workload. They also consume more time and space. That’s where digital signage posters come into play.

Importance of digital signage posters

Digital signage posters are movable devices connected through a network. They can show multiple images or videos, PowerPoint presentations, etc. at a time. Hence digital signage posters can be used to show different posters to make the customer aware of the products and offers available on different floors of the same supermarket. Making the customer feel that they need to buy these products is the key to embrace more profit.

Centralized handling of digital posters.

Supermarkets with multiple branches can use digital posters as many branches as they want and control them from a centralized single computer. Since digital signage systems are connected through a network, posters, and offers can be updated in a single click and it gets reflected at all the devices in the different branches of the supermarket. The workforce and time required in the traditional way of sticking printed posters are reduced drastically. Since the changes are happening in real-time, there is a possibility of introducing hourly offers also.

Timely error correction and Updating.

The network of digital signage posters opens the possibility of remotely editing and updating the posters shown on the devices. If any error occurs during uploading posters, it can be identified and corrected remotely and the change is reflected in real-time. The digital signage posters can also remove offers from their database on their expiry. This reduces the errors shown and increases the trust of customers in the supermarket.

Information on fingertips

The customers can avail information and the product availability status by searching through these devices. There are touch screen digital signage poster devices available. Using them at the supermarkets can provide information such as the number of products available in a certain category. Or the variety of brands or alternatives available for a particular product. This information can make the customer buy the products of their need at the best price.

Updating price list from excel sheet

The price list of products can be shown on the digital posters. Since the prices vary daily, updating them is a hectic task. Using digital signage systems the price list can be updated remotely using an excel sheet. These remote updates are reflected in the digital posters across the different branches of the same supermarket in real-time.

Power of advertisement and Additional revenue.

The advertisement shown in the digital poster devices can not only images but also videos. The videos are the best way to intrude into the minds of customers. The supermarkets can show advertisements of big brands through their digital poster devices so that they can earn an extra income. Also these advertisements can improve the sales of these brands from the supermarkets.

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