Digital signage Social walls in screendrive

Setting up social media walls with digital signage

From political movements to product marketing, social media virtually controls everything nowadays. As far as a business entity is concerned there hasn’t been any such mass platform in the history of humankind that made marketing and branding easy like this. Similarly, Digital signage displays have been changing the Branding concepts and Out Of Home Advertising landscape drastically in the past years.

Social wall is a social media feed that collects and aggregates user-generated content (UGC) from various social media platforms around hashtags, events, topics and brands. Combined with Digital Signage, it makes a vigorous branding tool. From corporate offices to Outdoor events and Advertising Screens, Social media walls are effectively utilized nowadays for too many good reasons.

Three major benefits of Digital Signage and Social Media Integration

Establish a social media identity.

All your customers need not be a follower in social media, but you can attract more followers through social walls by showcasing your social media content and UGC to offline customers. You can also improve the page interaction by providing interactive interfaces like feedback screens and Campaign screens.

Brand Building

You might have an impressive social media presence; But, do you utilize all the digital content at its best...? UGC is a goldmine for every marketer who wants to raise brand awareness, engage audiences and boost sales, as it creates trust and maintains social proof for your brand. Collecting UGC and showcasing it on Digital Signage screens along with your own posts will increase the visibility of your online identity and help improve your brand exposure as a whole.

Boost to Digital Marketing

More interaction, more impressions, and more followers on social media will increase your overall digital marketing efforts manifold. Social media integration with digital signage can be your next bold move to leverage digital marketing strategy.

How to integrate social walls in Digital Signage

Screendrive digital signage comes with a number of dedicated Apps/Extensions to pull content from social media and display it on the desired digital signage screen. Once you configure the app with your social media profile and choose the content sources, the apps will automatically fetch posts from popular sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, etc., and display them on your social media wall.

Screendrive and

Screendrive is now partnering with leading social media tool to provide premium social media feed integration services to Screendrive users. In addition to our default social media apps, you may choose the services of for an even better social media wall experience.